Jefferson Custom Light Bearing

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Back due to popular demand. Due to amount of orders and the time these take to make please allow 1-4 weeks to recieve your holster.

   The Jefferson Appendix Rig is our our appendix sidecar style holster. Flexes to all body types. Rivets to improve the overall look of the holster along with the new bungee cord that connects the mag carrier to the holster and allowing allows for other attachments to be changed out. We will be offer handcuff carrier, double mag carrier and tourniquet carrier as options in the near future. The mag carrier we have tilted to the side to put the spare mag at a better angle for quicker reloads and easier concealment.

The Jefferson Appendix Holster is hand made to order. 




Kydex color options


Premium Kydex options


Hexcam Makalu

Thin blue line flag

Thin Blue Line Flag


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  • Is there room for a p320 full size slide to fit through the end if I have a carry frame with a aplc light? Thank you

    Yes we can do. Just choose yes for comp.

  • I have a p320 xcarry. Does the x compact work for this?

    Yes it does.

  • I have the Sig Sauer P320 M18 with the Streamlight TLR-1 and the Romeo 1 Pro red dot attached. Sig considers this a P320 RX Carry given the size of the firearm, and with the red dot attached. I'm ready to order, but wanted to confirm that when I select the Sig Sauer P320 from your drop down list that my weapon will fit given there is full size, carry / compact (sub) models. Thanks so much for your time to answer this.

    Yes it will fit.make sure you select RMR cut in the options.

  • Will your glock holsters fit gen 3 models?

    Yes they do.

  • Do you have a LEO discount on your holsters?

    Yes we do. Message is in the chat or email admin@minutemanconcealment for the discount code for first responders or military.

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