Jefferson Custom Non-Light Bearing

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The Jefferson Appendix Rig is our our appendix sidecar style holster. Flexes to all body types. Rivets to improve the overall look of the holster along with the new bungee cord that connects the mag carrier to the holster and allowing allows for other attachments to be changed out. We will be offer handcuff carrier, double mag carrier and tourniquet carrier as options in the near future. The mag carrier we have tilted to the side to put the spare mag at a better angle for quicker reloads and easier concealment.



Kydex color options


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Hexcam Makalu

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  • I have a p10c that is suppressor ready do the holsters have clearance for the threaded barrel and supp sights?

    You have to choose the RMR cut in order for it to be molded for suppressor sights

  • I have a glock 45 with a trl7, i didnt see the options for the trl7 add on

    Go to the Jefferson custom light bearing holsters.

  • I have a rock island tac ultra cs in .45 acp. I love the gun, ordered it for my edc. I knew it would be heavy, but it's just super heavy, more so than I thought it would be. I was thinking of trying a Jefferson holster from you for it, but do you think that can help with carrying that weight around? I have many other options to carry, I just really wanted to make this work if I could. Thanks for your time

    I've carried my full size kimber 1911 in the jefferson and had no issues but it depends on the person most of the time. Order one and try it out. If you don't like it you can return it for a refund or another holster if you wish.

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