Revere Elite Non Light Bearing

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The Revere Elite series holster is our new and improved outside the waistband holster designed with Military and LE in mind. These holsters come with a variety of belt attachment options for the user to choose from. We offer them in black, FDE, OD green, black multicam and coyote brown. They have adjustable retention to fit your individual needs with level 2 and level 3 retention options coming in the future.  

Belt Attachment options include:

*Speed Clips

*DCL Combat Loop

*Mod Wing

*Minuteman Concealment Drop Leg Rig



Kydex color options


Premium Kydex options


Hexcam Makalu

Thin blue line flag

Thin Blue Line Flag


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  • will this holster fit the NEW F/N 509 Tactical Compact? Threaded barrel must protrude out end of holster.

    For compensators and threaded barrel choose yes for the compensator.

  • I have CZ P-07 suppressor ready with suppressor high sites and threaded barrel. Do you have an OWB to fit this?

    Choose (yes) for compensator on the Revere and it will be made for suppressor sights and open for the threaded barrel.

  • What is RMR cut.? What's the compensated?

    RMR cut is if you have a reddot on your pistol and the comp is if you run a compensator on your pistol.

  • Will your holster for the Glock 30, work for the 30SF?

    Yes it does.

  • I have a glock 17 with a RMR, tall front site for suppressor and a threaded barrel will the Revere elite fit this combination?

    Choose yes for RMR cut and comp.

  • You have a model sw9/ sw40. This is the Sigma SW9VE model i hope. Can you please clarify for me.

    Yes it is.

  • Can I get this in left handed

    yes just choose left under handling.

  • So this one holster will fit all of my P320s compact carry full

    The Sig P320 holsters are made for the compact size with the end being open which allows for multiple sizes of the P320 to be used in the holster. If you would like the holster to be fit for a specific size of P320 Just add it in the notes section of your order and it'll be made to that size.

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